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demontration de modelage Fredange
le temps d'une vie ...

I was born in August, 1972 and grew up in the sun at the seaside near Perpignan.

My childhood was a modest, happy one, but a dramatic incident was to mark my future. So I chose to opt for security in my career rather than stay true to the person I had always been and became an engineer in mechanical design, holding jobs that carried high responsibilities and took me to many different parts of the world. These travels opened my eyes to diverse cultures, to our similarities, our differences, our urge to live and also our impulse to die. With - to testify for all this - our art.

By orientating my professional experience, I tried to find or invent work that would combine both technique and art. Sometimes I got closer to this in event organising or in the luxury industry, but never found the satisfaction I expected because art had become so important to me.

About fifteen years ago I took up sculpture: first in clay, then plaster, resins and beeswax. I continued to work for some years, sculpting whenever I could. Simultaneously, I studied myology, osteology and human anatomy in its smallest details and became a specialist in the subject.

However far they took me, my many trips tended to confirm the surprising likeness between all humans. Of course, there are some clearly distinct ethnic morphotypes, but emotional similitude is always very striking. Body language and heart language make it possible for strangers who don't  speak the same language to have some level of understanding and exchange. I wanted to comprehend the way our psyche and its mysteries function, so I spent four years studying psychology and transactional analysis. Then, after due reflection and many decisive encounters, it became clear to me that I could never give up what I fundamentally was.

Whether they spring from myths, legends, dreams or fantasies, my sculptures are definitely always human.

So today I am a sculptor. I exhibit my work regularly at Los Angeles, La Baule, Paris, La Rochelle, in the Bordeaux region (Château de Vayres, Saint Emilion...) or at Bordeaux itself (on specific days called Journées du Patrimoine, with the Fonderie des Cyclopes and TMH). I am lucky enough to be regularly invited as the guest of honour at these exhibitions.

Leading nineteenth century artists with their mastery of sculpture and early twentieth century artists with their sensuality have been my guides.

My work is based on all the humans-within-the-human and our potential past, present and future dimensions, here and elsewhere. What I insist on, by adding hyperrealistic and superhuman attributes to humans is our existential need to be non-judgmental. These faces and bodies are like ours; whether they are Asiatic, African or Caucasian, you or me, they look even more familiar and "beautiful" in their sculptural form. Yet, whilst I intensify their differences by systematically introducing some very visible changes to their morphology and genetics, they still remain accessible to the eye and imagination...

At my scale, through my work and sculptures, what I wish to transmit is a message of universality and love. My motivation is the search for excellence and a pure, obvious form of esthetics, but also sharing and transmitting my art during the lessons and modelling sessions that I give on a regular basis.

Whether they spring from myths, legends, dreams or fantasies, my sculptures are definitely always human.

"Les Découvertes par Fredange" : patrimoine, résine et chocolat !

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Petite vidéo pour vous expliquer la genèse du projet "Les Découvertes"

Luc Dorin, Maître Chocolatier de Bordeaux vous parle de son rôle dans le projet "Les Découvertes" imaginé par Fredange

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