Sculpture Fredange
Fragment 2
Sculpture Fredange
Fragment 3
Sculpture Fredange
Fragment 4
Sculpture Fredange
Fragment 5
Sculpture Fredange
Fragment 6
Sculpture Fredange
Fragment 7

The central theme of my collection of sculptures,"Fragments", is the human in both physical and psychological dimensions, past, present and future.

At first glance, we realise to what extent our brain will actually fill in the gaps between each fragment so as to give the work sense and completeness.

Then, as we go deeper into the concept, "Fragments" encourages us to spend some thought on our absences, forgetfulness, fragility, on our flaws and our wounds - but also on our acts, our memory and our future.

We are beings that are constantly becoming. We are the fruit of our own history, fluctuating like our own heartbeats between physical presence and the meanders of our unconscious. This "blank"/"full" pattern of our existence is essential, forging our equilibrium and what we become. Throughout our lives, it constitutes the silent driving force behind our superficial or profound transformations.


 Stems, instead of umbilical cords, link each fragment to the monolithic base that symbolises humanity, smooth, uniform on the surface, but extremely rough in the cross-sections. The stems are sometimes rectilinear and strict in shape, sometimes curved and sensual, and they  give us a chance to glimpse the identity of the face. Some of them, in a line, help us to make a mental reconstitution of the head.


The making of these sculptures is very complex, because it requires great precision - as much in the anatomical realism of each piece of the sculpture as in the relative positioning of all the pieces together. If there were the slightest imperfection, spectators would immediately focus on that and their imagination wouldn't be stimulated.


Other variations already occur to me and new Fragments will come to life soon, in larger formats to emphasise the intensity of their meaning.

Fragment 2,Bronze on solid steel base, stainless steel rods (H26.5 x L10 x Depth 14.5 cm)

Fragment 3, Mirror polished bronze on solid steel base, stainless steel rods (H49 x L14.8 x Depth 11.4 cm)

Fragment 4, Bronze on solid steel base, stainless steel rods (H40 x L19.5 x Depth 20.4 cm)

Fragment 5, Bronze on solid steel base, stainless steel rods (H46.5 x L14.7 x Depth 19.6 cm)

Fragment 6, Bronze on solid steel base, stainless steel rods (H46 x L22 x Depth 25 cm)

Fragment 7, Bronze on solid steel base, stainless steel rods (H47.2 x L16.9 x Depth 17.9 cm)

"Les Découvertes par Fredange" : patrimoine, résine et chocolat !

sources vidéo >>  Hôtel des Quinconces

Petite vidéo pour vous expliquer la genèse du projet "Les Découvertes"

Luc Dorin, Maître Chocolatier de Bordeaux vous parle de son rôle dans le projet "Les Découvertes" imaginé par Fredange

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